How we help make a difference

Through Mainfreight’s global long partnership with Books in Homes, the business has helped distribute over 10 million free books to those who may have otherwise missed out. In the USA we support thirty schools with an investment of $120,000.

Across our American business our local branches are partner with a number of charities which make a difference. Our individual team members are also encouraged to be active with voluntary social initiatives.

Caring for the world around us

We also protect and preserve our environment, conscientiously minimizing our impact on the planet wherever we can. The way we design and build new facilities is heavily influenced by considerations for the environment. 

We're also rolling out eco-friendly electric forklifts and have been recycling waste and water for over 27 years (long before this became socially responsible!) Our emissions around the world are carefully managed through optimization of truck sizes, route planning and utilizing lower-emission modes of transport wherever possible.

The World Around Us Americas

Over the years we've helped spark a love of reading in thousands of homes across the USA, Australia and New Zealand  distributing over 10 million books to disadvantaged children.