What is global supply chain Logistics?

As a part of Mainfreight, you can expect to be helping some of the world’s biggest, most innovative companies become more efficient, responsive and competitive in their marketplaces. We're in the transport and logistics business; one of the fastest-growth industries in the world. At Mainfreight we work with thousands of customers - many of them international brands - solving their transport, stock management and distribution problems. Fast. We compete with large multinationals across our global markets.

Whether it’s across town or around the world, Mainfreight's global network capability, world class technologies and clever thinking provide customers with smart, fast and cost-effective solutions. Getting into the fast-moving logistics and transport business is a smart move if you're serious about a career with long-term options.

Our business is made up of three core areas: Air and Ocean; Transport (road and in some regions, rail); and Logistics. These divisions pull together to deliver the best solutions for customers.

This is our international division which works with importers and exporters on their sea and air shipping requirements. We help them find the best combination of time, cost and mode of delivery then, through our global network, deliver worldwide. We work with large multinationals, individual importers and exporters and one-off retail customers looking to ship a consignment internationally.

Our operations vary around the world but typically, roles in Air & Ocean are focused on:

  • Import and export operations and customs for sea and air freight
  • Customer Service
  • Sales and Account Management 
  • General administration including finance

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This freight operation works with domestic and international customers, shipping consignments from business to business, business to home or one home to another. Depending on which region we're operating in, we use different combinations of transport modes. This division delivers standalone transport services or we partner with the Logistics and Air & Ocean teams to deliver end­-to-end supply chain solutions for customers.

Our operations vary around the world but typically, roles in Transport are focused on:

  • Sales and Account Management, Customer Service
  • General administration including finance, billing, record keeping and team management  
  • Operations planning and fleet allocation and optimisation

Globally, we partner with some of the biggest multinational names, taking care of their supply chain logistics every step of the way. That means warehousing, inventory management, technologies, and of course transport (air, ocean, road or rail). We have millions of square metres of warehouse facilities around the world which, combined with advanced inventory management and reporting technologies, helps customers streamline stock management and distribution.

Our operations vary around the world but typically, roles in Logistics are focused on:

  • Management of the branch and of the daily operations
  • Business development and account management
  • General administration, payroll and order processing
  • Picking and packing roles within our warehouse

Our goals and aspirations

Our commitment to creating a 100 year company is not about reaching an end point in 100 years time. It’s about longevity; growing a business that’s strong, iconic and enduring.

We are focused on growing in both capability and scale within our existing markets. We're also aggressively expanding our network into new territories. As the world's new trading nations emerge, Mainfreight will be there to meet the demand for global logistics.

To achieve our goals and aspirations we know that we need to recruit and develop the next generation of savvy, fresh-thinking  and globally-aware leaders. We never stop looking for people who can help lead our business into the future.