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Want to know what a career with Mainfreight is really like? Get straight-up answers from the people who know us best; our global team. To ask any questions or arrange to have a chat, just send us an email and we'll get back to you.

Image of Training and Development
ALEXIA VAN DER ZANDEN Training and Development Auckland, New Zealand

I've been with Mainfreight for six years and I thrive off the knowledge, passion and positive attitude that our team comes to work with every day. Being part of a true team that backs you 110% means you can learn and achieve anything. Your future depends on many things here - the most important of which is you.

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Image of Sales Manager
MATT DALTON Sales Manager Wellington, New Zealand

After nearly four years in the business I am now the Wellington Sales Manager. Mainfreight moves quickly and I enjoy being a part of a business that lets you make decisions and steer your own course. What do I love most about this business? The people at Mainfreight, from top to bottom are so accessible. What other large organisations can you say that about?

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Image of Customer Services
KATE GODLEY Customer Services Wellington, New Zealand

I started with the Mainfreight group in June 2014 and in my short time here I have been lucky enough to have had three different roles. Like most people, I started on the floor, moving into the office on reception and now I'm working alongside a great group in customer service. Mainfreight really looks after its own. What do I love most about life here? My team mates/ 'family in blue' makes coming to work so much fun!     

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Image of Customer Services
TANSY AUSTIN Customer Services Auckland, New Zealand

I started my journey with Mainfreight just over a year ago, working on the floor in the fast-paced ever changing environment that is Transport. What I learned during my days on the floor has played a vital part in my current role as part of the customer services team in the Mainfreight Auckland Transport Branch. The great thing about working in transport is that no day is ever the same, when you walk through the door you never know what challenges you will face! If you want to work for a company with a stellar culture, awesome people and thrive off challenging yourself – Mainfreight is definitely the company for you! 

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Image of Regional Sales Manager
GREGG CONNING Regional Sales Manager Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

Some people say good things come to those who wait. At Mainfreight you get back what you're willing to put in. If you're prepared to work hard and take every opportunity that comes your way, there's no limit to where you can go. If you prove yourself, your talents and hard work will be rewarded. That might be a promotion, an international exchange or an opportunity to work in another area of the business.

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Image of Account Manager
JESSICA WILLIAMSON Account Manager Auckland, New Zealand

My journey with Mainfreight started in 2013, straight after University, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been with the Air & Ocean team since day one with roles in Sales Support and Import Customer services before moving into the Account Management role that I am now.

Supported by an incredible family of Mainfreighters and surrounded with so much opportunity, it’s exciting to know that my career is truly in my own hands.

“With a great attitude anything is possible.”

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Image of Account Manager
HIRINI HOUIA Account Manager Mt Maunganui, Auckland

At Mainfreight you'll learn the business from the warehouse floor up and you'll get every opportunity to prove yourself. Six months after starting I was making real business decisions as a dispatch manager. Eighteen months later I was on the road as an account manager, with my own company car!

Everyone wants to do well. if you're up for it, they'll throw opportunities at you and really encourage and support your personal and professional development. There's no stiff corporate line here. You get to be yourself and bring the real you to work everyday.

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Image of Mainfreight IT Team
MARIJA VUKOVIC Mainfreight IT Team Australia

Mainfreight was willing to give me a shot straight out of university without any real IT experience behind me. The company’s vision is to lead from the front which means exciting new technology projects and challenges all the time. I love dealing with the diverse team here and helping them deliver the best service to our customers.


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Image of Branch Manager
GRANT MORRISON Branch Manager Air & Ocean Sydney, Australia

I’ve always worked in our Air and Ocean operations which is a dynamic, fast-paced international division. So far my Mainfreight career has taken me from Melbourne to LA to Charlston, back to LA and now to Sydney. That kind of adventure is becoming more common at Mainfreight as we grow worldwide. There’s always a new challenge and a new area of the business to explore if you’re up for it.

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Image of Branch Manager
BEN KEANE Branch Manager Mainfreight Air & Ocean, Newcastle

After three years here I’ve been appointed to a Branch Manager position. I started on the floor learning the operation, then into Customer Service and through the sales side of the business. With our emphasis on promotion from within, my opportunities have only been limited by my willingness to work hard.

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Image of National Process Development Manager
REBECCA VUKSANOVIC National Process Development Manager Brisbane, Australia

No two days are the same here, it’s like a jungle gym rather than a ladder – it’s not just about moving up, it’s about moving sideways and down at times also. Six years, four different roles and three different states later I’ve always got a strong support network and someone ready to provide a helping hand.

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Image of Operations Manager
LUKE VAN MEEL Operations Manager Mainfreight Logistics Epping

In just four years I’ve been a picker in our logistics warehouse, an account champion for a world renowned alcohol brand, a branch manager and now a member of our national business development team working on sales and national account management. I’m constantly pushed out of my comfort zone at Mainfreight which means constant learning and growth.

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Image of Sales Manager Mainfreight
JAAN ILHAN Sales Manager Mainfreight Air & Ocean Victoria, Australia

Once I’d figured out that sales was the career for me it was all about learning the fundamentals of selling our Air & Ocean business in what is a very competitive market. I’m now a sales manager at our Melbourne branch and leading a team of seven highly motivated passionate team members.

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Image of Account Manager
NERIDA LAST Account Manager Melbourne, Australia

Straight out of university with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) I went straight into the freight depot for four months, learning all about the business. My career’s taken a sales-oriented direction so I’m now out and about every day, visiting customers. I genuinely love waking up and coming to work as no two days are ever the same.

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Image of Team Leader Operations
SANDER VREEBURG Team Leader Operations Netherlands

I have been part of Mainfreight/Wim Bosman since 2007 and am currently responsible for a product within our European road freight solutions. I started here when I was 18 and have progressed throughout the company in several roles, including working a year in Brisbane Australia. What do I like most about life at Mainfreight?  The responsibility and freedom to make decisions and control my own career.

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Image of Team Leader Operations
SARA SCHILDKAMP Team Leader Operations Netherlands

I started in November 2010 as a management trainee within Mainfreight. At the moment I am working as a team leader. In our forwarding department we are taking care of the groupage shipments going to the west of Europe and customer service is a very important part of it. What I love about being part of Mainfreight is the ability to grow from within and the ‘can do’ mentality!

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Image of Group Leader Crossdock
RENE BISSELINK Group Leader Crossdock

I have worked with Mainfreight/Wim Bosman as a Group Leader in Crossdock since 2005. In my role as practice trainer for work experience students, I am also responsible for the selection and coaching of young talent in our Crossdock. 

To us it is very important to train our successors for the continued growth of our business.  I see a lot of students grow into exciting roles and great careers within our business. I see youth as the future of our business.

EMAIL ME your questions about opportunities and careers at Mainfreight.   

Image of People Business Partner and Trainer
NENA VAN LONDEN People Business Partner and Trainer

My life with Mainfreight began three years ago when I did my internship for my Master Work and Organizational psychology.  Now, my current role in training and development is still as exciting as when I started.

What do I love most about being part of Mainfreight? Every day is different and there are  so many opportunities for the future.  

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Image of People Business Partner and Trainer
LUCY PARTRIDGE People Business Partner and Trainer Amsterdam, Netherlands

In my five and a half years here, I have never had two days the same! From loading fish into airfreight containers, visiting customers to discuss their business, to my current role in training and development, I have had constant opportunities to add value to our business and shape the direction of it. 

I come from New Zealand, (the birthplace of Mainfreight), and through the company I have been fortunate to experience life in other parts of the world.

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Image of Supervisor Warehouse Logistic Services
PATRICK GOOSSEN Supervisor Warehouse Logistic Services Netherlands

I currently work as a Supervisor at Logistics Services. I started working with Mainfreight/Wim Bosman 10 years ago in the warehousing operation. I was promoted from within to Group leader before becoming a Logistics Supervisor. The best thing about being part of the Mainfreight group is the diversity of new opportunities and challenges that come along every day. I also enjoy enjoy being part of a global business with a strong future.

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Image of Sales Manager Air & Ocean
Harrold Dost Sales Manager Air & Ocean Netherlands

My journey at Mainfreight started in 2009. Mainfeight allowed me to study Logistics and Economics (BBA) at Rotterdam University which helped me understand supply chains and enabled me to really talk solutions with customers, rather than just selling a commodity.

Mainfreight offers amazing career opportunities. They are not presented on a plate though and are often disguised as hard work which requires passion and perseverance!

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Image of Office Manager Carotrans, Taiwan
Chloe Wu Office Manager Carotrans, Taiwan Carotrans, Taiwan

I joined Mainfreight in 2009 as a Sales Executive and in  2014 I was promoted to Sales Manager for Carotrans. In the past two years I have been responsible for developing groupage business and building our team structure.  I recently took on the new role of Office Manager of Carotrans Taiwan. Taiwan is a growing region with lots of development to pursue. It's just a beginning, we're quickly moving onward and upwards.  Mainfreight’s way of doing business has introduced greater opportunities for us to develop professionally and gives us a solid understanding of global supply chain logistics.

What do I love most about Mainfreight? It's given me the opportunity to thoroughly understand the forwarding and logistics business and constantly improve skills and knowledge. Welcome to join our big family. Cheers!

EMAIL ME if you'd like to talk about the types of opportunities within our Asia business.

Image of Regional Sales Director, Asia
Billy Zhang Regional Sales Director, Asia China

I have been part of Mainfreight since 2001 and was responsible for developing and driving business from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America for the Greater China offices. I was gradually promoted as National Sales Manager for the Greater China offices in 2016.  Currently I promoted as Regional Sales Director for Asia team.

What do I love most about being part of Mainfreight? It’s the culture which provides great opportunities. If you have the passion and courage to face challenges, conquer difficulties and pursue personal and professional success, you'll love it here.

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Image of Regional Ocean Procurement Director, Asia
Raymond Lo Regional Ocean Procurement Director, Asia Asia

I joined Mainfreight Hong Kong in 2003 as Customer Services Officer and was gradually promoted to Sales Manager. In 2010, I challenged myself by taking up the role of Branch Manager in Mainfreight Shenzhen. In mid-2016, I have an opportunity to promote to Regional Manager of Pearl River Delta, China. I challenged myself again to take the role of Asia Regional Ocean Procurement Director.

I love being part of Mainfreight because of its culture and freedom to have open discussions and make decisions like an entrepreneur. Mainfreight really emphasize people development. Our Chairman Mr. Bruce Plested said, “Nothing ensure our future more than the growth and development of our team.”

EMAIL ME if you'd like to know more about our personal and professional development opportunities.

Image of Country Manager
Withanya Ceetantivech Country Manager Thailand

I have been with Mainfreight since September 2013 and started our Thailand operation from being a 'green field'.  

Working at Mainfreight provides many exciting challenges and opportunities, especially as the business expands so rapidly throughout Asia.  We are always learning from new experiences and of course, grow together as part of Mainfreight family. 

 We have freedom to get things done and receive excellent support from other Mainfreight offices, both from around Asia and the rest of the world.  I love Mainfreight's unique culture, philosophy and people.

EMAIL ME if you'd like to know more about the types of opportunities within our Thailand operation.



Image of Branch Manager,
Jacqueline D'angelico Branch Manager, Portland Oregon

I began with Mainfreight in San Diego in 2009 and have experienced roles in operations, sales, accounts and branch management. My favorite aspect of being part of Mainfreight is always having the freedom to work on ways to do things better – whether it's with clients, local teams, in the USA, even globally!

Most recently I’ve been able to experience Mainfreight in other parts of the world,  traveling to New Zealand, China, Chile and Peru. These were just the kinds of new challenges and experiences I aspired to when I first joined the team.

Mainfreight expects a lot, and offers a lot in return.  There is no shortage of hard work and dedication. Here’ you have the ability to drive your career with a team who shares the love of what we do!

EMAIL ME if you want to talk about where a career at Mainfreight can take you.

Image of Branch Manager, Mainfreight Air & Ocean,
Andrew Hall Branch Manager, Mainfreight Air & Ocean, Toronto

I started with Mainfreight back in 2001 as a grad and learnt the business in typical Mainfreight style, from the floor. What I learnt has enabled me to take on new opportunities over the years. I left in 2004 to travel and I found myself in Canada. When Mainfreight opened up here I jumped at the chance to be back in blue!

 I have worked for other companies that didn’t value the decision-making of their people and some were buried in corporate BS.  Mainfreight’s difference is that they truly allow you to make decisions, get stuff done and be as entrepreneurial as you want to be. The culture we have developed across the world is the reason I’m part of the team.

EMAIL ME if you want to know more about whether our unique culture is right for you.

Image of Branch Manager, Mainfreight Air & Ocean
Adam Renner Branch Manager, Mainfreight Air & Ocean Charlotte, NC

Success at Mainfreight isn’t determined by your title at your last job or what degree you have. Your success is driven by your passion for getting your business on track to meet the next goal. The culture here has no patience for non-productive bureaucracy, so opportunities develop fast in this environment.  The Mainfreight way challenges you to push boundaries to move the business forward at pace. That kind of liberty and responsibility from early-on is inspiring for emerging leaders. 

EMAIL ME if you want to talk about global opportunities with Mainfreight.

Image of Branch Manager, Mainfreight Logistics
Andrew Coulton Branch Manager, Mainfreight Logistics Newark, New Jersey

I’m a branch manager at one of the group's newest logistics facilities in Newark NJ. I started five years ago in Mainfreight's original logistics facility in Auckland, New Zealand where I learnt my craft of public warehousing.

Mainfreight really values the sharing of ideas and culture around the world so I was lucky enough to experience the business and life in the Netherlands. As the business continues to grow globally,  there are more and more opportunities to work in other countries.

Mainfreight excites me because decisions are made fast, we are an ambitious company which is attempting to make history. We don't have time to think “what if?”

EMAIL ME to find out more about where a career in global logistics could take you. 


Image of Accounting National Support Center
Miguel Hernandez Accounting National Support Center Carson, CA

I started my career at Mainfreight in April 2014 as part of the graduate program.  As a recent graduate, the program helped me transition into a professional setting here at the National Support Center in Carson CA.

What I like most about Mainfreight is the can do attitude and the “blue blood” culture.  It is contagious; I carry this mentality into my evening MBA courses and then home into my daily life.

EMAIL ME to find out what life is like on the team here.

Image of National Supply Chain Manager, Asia
Michelle Yip National Supply Chain Manager, Asia Asia

“Special people, special company” Joining Mainfreight is definitely one of my best decisions.


I joined Mainfreight Hong Kong in early 2016 to help develop our Hong Kong Logistics site with their IT implementation processes and operations. I am very grateful that Mainfreight has offered me many opportunities to develop my personal skills as part of Mainfreight family. In 2017, I took a challenge to be National Supply Chain Manager (Asia) who is responsible for a much larger landscape and responsibility to develop in Asia.


I love and enjoy every moment in Mainfreight with awesome team. I am lucky enough to be nourished with care, support and love from Mainfreight family. I do look forward to more and more challenges here and growing with Mainfreight.


It’s time to join the adventure!


EMAIL ME If you want to know about opportunities here.